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Box for disinfection of eggs UV-C DB30.0.S


DB30.0.S is a professional device for disinfection of eggs, designed according to studies and tests.
DB30.1.S is equipped with a panel with a set of rollers, which enables the disinfection of the whole eggshell. Since panels are easy to remove it is easy to maintain them in proper condition. After removing the panels the device can be used for disinfection of small kitchen items such as knifes, sieves etc. To facilitate operation, a standard set includes loading baskets. This eliminates the need of loading and unloading individual eggs after the process.

Optional equipment includes storage and transportation trolleys for loading trays.

Efficiency of 48 pieces per 6-minute cycle makes the device appropriate for small-size users.

Device is made of solid stainless steel and is, therefore, easy to maintain in proper condition.

Effectiveness confirmed by certified biotechnology laboratory.

ParameterKooptech® UV-C DB30.0.S Box
dimensions (W x H x D)513 mm x  579 mm x 313 mm
weight21 kg
nominal supply voltage1-phase, 230 VAC, 50Hz
connection power30 W
power connection cable length1.5 m
cycle time6 min
max ambient temperature35°C
max ambient humidity80% (no condensation)
UV-C lamps specification2×15 W Philips TUV T8 UV-C (254 nm germicidal lamps)
UV-C lamps life9 000 hrs*
minimum UV-C irradiance 100 mm away from the lamps10 W/m2
*With Philips TUV T8 15W UV-C lamps