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Trolley for loading and storage of eggs disinfection baskets

Storage and transport trolley can be a perfect logistic supplement to the eggs’ disinfection process.
The trolleys are designed specially to accommodate the loading and storage baskets that are provided with the UV-C DB30.0.S and UV-C DB90.1.S disinfection devices.

To facilitate operation, a standard set includes loading baskets. This eliminates the need of loading and unloading individual eggs after the process.

Additionally, trolleys are equipped with wheels, which accelerates and facilitates the transport of stored eggs within the room.

Trolleys and baskets are made of stainless steel.

  • Trolley capacity – 12 baskets
  • Capacity of one basket: 48 eggs
  • Up to 576 eggs can be safely stored in one trolley with 12 baskets

Overall dimensions and weight:

  • Width 470 mm (18.5”)
  • Depth 520 mm (20.5”)
  • Height 1530 mm (60.2”)
  • Weight 35 kg (77 lbs.)