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All-purpose disinfection box UV-C DB90.1

Kooptech® UV-C DB90.1 Box – All-purpose disinfection box.

Box for disinfection of everyday objects made of glass, metal and paper. Can be used to disinfect food packages, books, newspapers etc. Suitable for laboratories, offices and households.

Light emission inside our disinfection box provides sufficient level of hygiene due to effective reduction of viruses, bacteria and fungi from objects’ surfaces.
Effectiveness confirmed by certified biotechnology laboratory.

Warning: do not use directly on food products.

ParameterKooptech® UV-C DB90.1 Box
dimensions (W x H x D)525 mm x 625 mm x 600 mm
weight35 kg
nominal supply voltage1-phase, 230 VAC 50 Hz
connection power90 W
power connection cable length1.5 m
cycle time3 min
max ambient temperature35°C
max ambient humidity80% (no condensation)
UV-C lamps specification6 x15 W T8 UV-C (254 nm germicidal lamps)
UV-C lamps life9 000 hrs*
minimum UV-C irradiance 100 mm away from the lamps10 W/m2
*With Philips TUV T8 15W UV-C lamps, at depreciation of UV-C output by -10% (based on manufacturer’s data)