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Washing and drying of safety goggles WD-SR

A complete system for washing, drying, transportation and storage of safety goggles – Kooptech® WD-SR

Personal Protective Equipment is a necessity today, not only due to the current, dangerous epidemic situation. Eye protection goggles are an example of effective and important Personal Protective Equipment.

According to research, eyes are one of the possible routes of infection with viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Experience shows that the goggles effectively protect the user from the abovementioned threats. In order for the protection to be effective, it is necessary to keep the goggles appropriately clean. Therefore, the goggles must regularly undergo relevant, technically controlled cleaning process.

The high cost of goggles (from several dozen to several hundred euro per piece) and the urgent need to reduce the amount of waste fully justifies treating goggles as recyclable equipment that could be used repeatedly.

In response to these challenges, Kooptech® has developed and introduced the Kooptech® WD-SR – a complete goggle cleaning system equipped with drying function. Completeness and full control of the washing and drying process means that the goggles are immediately ready to be reused. The process is safe for goggles and does not cause mechanical damage.


As a good practice, cleaning rooms should be divided into separate areas: The Dirty Zone, where the items to-be-cleaned are stored, and the Clean Zone, where the items already processed are stored. Both zones should be separated to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. The cleaning equipment should allow the room to be arranged in such a way that the loading zone in the Dirty Zone is separated from the unloading zone in the Clean one.

The Kooptech® WD-SR system meets all these requirements, allowing the dirty goggles to be loaded in the Dirty Zone and unloaded in the Clean Zone after the washing and drying process. Additionally:

  • The system does not allow the doors to be opened on both sides of the machine simultaneously;
  • The system does not allow the clean side door to be opened unless the washing and drying cycle is complete;
  • In the event of an alarm that would stop the washing process, it is not possible to open the door on the clean side.
parameterKooptech® WD-SR
weight250 kg  [551 lbs.]
width1200 mm  [47.2”]
depth800 mm  [31.5”]
height1180 mm  [46.5”]
nominal supply voltage*3x 400 VAC (±10%), 50-60 Hz
connection power8.9 kW
electric connection3-phase with ground, installation fitted with a class K5 fuse (30A) or equivalent
power connection cable2 m [6.6 ft], no plug**
inlet water temperaturecold fresh water, max 25°C [59°F]
inlet water hardness< 5° dH
water source efficiencymin. 2500 l/h  [660.4 gal./h]
water source pressuremin. 2.5 bar  [43.5 psig]
hydraulic connectionbraided hose, female thread G3/4”, length 100 cm [3.3 ft]
main drainø24 mm [0.95”], elastic hose,
length 150 cm [4.9 ft]
emergency drainø24 mm [0.95”], elastic hose,
length 150 cm (4.9 ft)
energy use7.85 kWh
water use19.5 l/cycle  [5.2 gal./cycle]
Detergent use15 ml/cycle  [0.51 oz./cycle]
Rinse Aid use7.5 ml/cycle  [0.25 oz./cycle]
ambient temperaturemin. 15°C [59°F] – max. 30°C [86°F]
relative humiditymax. 90%, no condensation
sound emissionLEQ < 70 dB (A)