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Washing, drying and disinfection of 3D glasses

Washing, drying and disinfection of 3D glasses – Kooptech® WD

KOOPTECH® WD is a complete system designed for complete sanitization of 3D glasses of all types, their transport and distribution to viewers. An absolute must for cinemas, museums, theme parks and other venues with 3D movies.

The central unit is equipped with a low-temperature, centrifugal drying system which prevents glasses from mechanical and temperature damage. Cleaned glasses are free from stains and spots. System does not require any additional steam hoods as mandated for traditional high-temperature drying units.

The complete system contains also a germicide UV-C disinfection box type DB.90.1. The WD system CPU has the US/Canadian cULus certificate. The disinfection box is certified by accredited laboratory.

High efficiency of up to 600 glasses per 1-hour ensures constant supply of cleaned glasses for spectators.

Baskets for 3D glasses washing/drying are also used for disinfection in the DB.90.1 box and for storage/transportation in the movable trolleys. Baskets with trolleys serve additionally as 3D glasses distribution points among viewers.

The small dimensions of the system allow placement on a small area.

parameterWD Washer-Dryer for 3D glasses
weight180 kg  (397 lbs.)
width750 mm  (29.5”)
depth1100 mm  (43.3”)
height1450 mm   (57.1”)
nominal supply voltage US*3-phase 208 VAC (±10%), 60Hz
nominal supply voltage EU*3-phase 400 VAC (±10%), 50Hz
connection power8.9 kW
actual energy consumption7.85 kWh
sound level< 70 dB (A)
water source efficiencymin. 2500 l/h  (660.4 gal./h
water source pressuremin. 3.0 bar  (43.5 psig)
actual water consumption13.5 l/cycle  (3.6 gal./cycle)
washing Detergent consumption12 ml/cycle  (0.4 oz./cycle)
rinse Aid consumption6 ml/cycle  (0.2 oz./cycle)