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Washing and drying of LEGO bricks

Complete system for washing and low-temperature drying of LEGO bricks

Kooptech® WD-LB

LEGO® bricks are undoubtedly great fun and a great learning tool. Unfortunately, they are also a breeding ground for dust, dirt and often pathogens. Recent difficult times have shown that proper hygiene is an absolute must.

Public places such as: amusement parks, shops, schools, hospitals, learning and play centres and many others should take care of proper hygiene of their LEGO® bricks.

We have developed the Kooptech® WD-LB system for exactly this purpose. The fast and effective washing and drying process, protection of blocks against mechanical and thermal damage, and easy operation of the system make it a perfect solution for all places where LEGO® bricks are played with by our children.

parameterKooptech® WD-LB
weight750 mm  (29.5”)
width1100 mm  (43.3”)
depth910 mm   (35.8”)
height155 kg  (342 lbs.)
nominal supply voltage*3-phase 400 VAC (±10%), 50Hz
connection power8.9 kW
actual energy consumption7.85 kWh
sound level< 70 dB (A)
water source efficiency2500 l/h ( 660.4 gal./h)
water source pressuremin. 2.5 bar  (36.3 psig)
actual water consumption18 l/cycle (4.75 gal./cycle)
washing Detergent consumption12 ml/cycle (0.4 oz./cycle)
rinse Aid consumption6 ml/cycle (0.2 oz./cycle)
*other supply voltage versions available upon request