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Washing and drying of LEGO bricks

Complete system for washing and low-temperature drying of LEGO bricks – Kooptech® WD-LB

Kooptech® WD-LB is a device designed to clean LEGO bricks. Naturally, when used, the pieces become dirty and contaminated. To ensure users’ safety, the blocks need to remain hygienic. However, due to their irregular shape and numerous narrow cavities, LEGO bricks are relatively difficult to wash and dry. The users are mostly children and adolescents. This is why proper hygienic condition of LEGO bricks is so important. Our WD-LB device radically solves this problem. The blocks are washed in lukewarm water with detergent. Low-temperature centrifugal drying controlled by the machines’ CPU removes 95% of water from the bricks and does not cause thermal deformation. The bricks are ready for immediate use after the washing and drying process.

Device is dedicated for every venue providing LEGO bricks to play: shops, theme parks, nurseries, schools etc.

The capacity of 3.5 kg of blocks per one 5-minute cycle means there will be plenty of them to play with.

parameterKooptech® WD-LB
weight750 mm  (29.5”)
width1100 mm  (43.3”)
depth910 mm   (35.8”)
height155 kg  (342 lbs.)
nominal supply voltage*3-phase 400 VAC (±10%), 50Hz
connection power8.9 kW
actual energy consumption7.85 kWh
sound level< 70 dB (A)
water source efficiency2500 l/h ( 660.4 gal./h)
water source pressuremin. 2.5 bar  (36.3 psig)
actual water consumption18 l/cycle (4.75 gal./cycle)
washing Detergent consumption12 ml/cycle (0.4 oz./cycle)
rinse Aid consumption6 ml/cycle (0.2 oz./cycle)
*other supply voltage versions available upon request